5 Helpful Chrome Add-ons for Content Marketers

Content marketers who research topics, look for guest post opportunities, compose articles, and even make instructional videos can improve their productivity with some useful Chrome browser extensions.

The people who create, publish and distribute content as part of a company's marketing strategy have many tasks to complete. Fortunately, Chrome allows extensions, many of which can be very helpful in my experience. The following are five Chrome browser extensions for content marketers.

1. Save in your pocket

Pocket is an application and web service that allows a user to save all web content – article, video, image – to read or see later. In fact, the service was called "Read It Later" when it was launched as a Firefox extension in 2007.

Today, Pocket is owned by Mozilla Corporation and is available on many platforms and in many formats, including as a Chrome browser extension called "Save to your pocket".

For content marketers, Pocket is a great way to collect research material.

Imagine, for example, that you are content marketing manager for an online kitchen supply store. You want to encourage people to cook at home. So you decide to start a series of articles on the health benefits of homemade whole foods.

When you research, look for articles on Google or DuckDuckGo in your Chrome browser. But if you are like many, you do not read all articles from top to bottom. And you don't watch every video from beginning to end as soon as it appears on a search results page. Rather, you collect several articles, studies and videos and review them later.

Thus, when you see one hour and eight minutes video presentation from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. about how diet can prevent and reverse heart disease, you save it in Pocket. Then you watch the video later with the other cooking material you saved.

2. Soapbox by Wistia

Wistia is a web hosting and tracking platform that was launched in 2008.

Wistia has an easy-to-use Chrome extension called "Soapbox“That allows marketers to record their screen and webcam at the same time. This can especially help B2B companies.

Say you have a wholesale company that supplies parts to mobile bike shops. Your customers use an app to keep track of their inventory, set up auto-refill and search your catalog for special orders.

Part of your job is to create videos that explain how to get the app installed and configured. Instead of hiring a production company, you can use Soapbox to create and edit presentations.

The tool can be used for any tutorial video that requires you to view the screen and yourself.

3. Grammar

This service is a lifesaver for anyone who writes. Its benefits go beyond a Chrome extension to improve the writing of many text editors and applications.

For example Grammar Chrome extension will monitor your spelling and punctuation in Google Docs, with suggestions or corrections in a row. Grammarly will also work with WordPress, Hootsuite, Facebook and several other editors that are loaded in the browser.

The premium version of Grammarly can even help not only punctuation, but also the overall quality of your writing.

4. Hunter

In some e-commerce companies, content marketers may be responsible for link building through guest posts and temporary promotions. This may include doing interviews or getting background information about a company.

Hunter is a Chrome extension that helps discover the email addresses associated with a website. Simply navigate to that site, click on the add-on icon and Hunter will provide you with a list of email addresses, names and titles. It will also tell you how many sources it used to find each email address.

Hunter will display publicly available email addresses associated with a given site.

Hunter will display publicly available email addresses associated with a given site.

Imagine that you are a content marketing specialist in an online auto parts and accessories store. You found an impressive blog about financial planning, and you want to post an article that provides estimated annual maintenance and repair expenses for the ten best-selling sedans in the United States. The blog does not have a contact us page nor does it have a write for us section. "But you have installed Hunter, and you use it to get a list of potential contacts.

5. Ahrefs Toolbar

The Ahrefs toolbar, like all toolbars, takes up a lot of real estate at the top of a Chrome browser. But in exchange, it puts several of Ahref's most popular reports directly above the page.

This includes a broken link report, which content marketers can use to discover broken links that can lead to their audience. Or you can use the broken link report as part of your content breach, identify sites with broken links and offer them a replacement from your own site.

Or you can use another report to find potential search optimization problems with an underperforming article.

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