Ecommerce Product Releases: February 16, 2020

Here is a list of mid-February product releases and updates from companies offering online retailer services. There are updates on startup financing, follow-up tracking, multicultural segmentation and multi-currencies for international sales.

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Product releases for e-commerce

Localytic's founder announces demand for Sage, providing market information to small and medium-sized businesses. Shortly after the acquisition of mobile analytics company Localytics, its founder has announced a new startup, Demand Sage, a free service that automatically connects to marketing systems (starting with HubSpot) to automatically generate a live reporting suite in Google Sheets. Demand Sage enables marketers to stay up to date and create accurate reports they need. Demand Sage will also optionally utilize computer science and artificial intelligence to interpret marketing data, which helps reveal discrepancies, trends and opportunities.

Demand Sage

Demand Sage

Carta debuts to invest in start-ups. Carta, a startup that helps private companies manage equity, has announced Carta Ventures, which will invest in companies that promote an ecosystem around Carta's core products and services. For collaborative companies, the Fund will lead or co-lead the seed round, provide APIs and infrastructure, offer free offices, provide access to Carta managers and employees, and more.

BigCommerce launches functions in multiple currencies. E-commerce platform BigCommerce has introduced a suite of multi-currency functions to streamline merchants' cross-border operations and provide global customers with shopping experiences tailored to their native language and currency. BigCommerce offers several currencies that are now offered in all plant types at no extra cost and helps merchants naturally present, trade and regulate purchases in more than 100 foreign currencies through preventative integrations with leading payment providers.

Deliverr raises $ 40 million for fast e-commerce. Deliverr has announced the completion of a funding round of $ 40 million, which means that the total funding amounts to $ 70 million. The round is led by Activant Capital with participation from GLP, 8VC, and Ryan Peterson, founder and CEO of the freight company Flexport. Deliverr, a 60-person logistics and fulfillment company, is tasked with enabling all salespeople, regardless of size, to offer their customers fast and cost-effective fulfillment. Deliverr rents warehouses around the United States and storage shelves based on regional popularity.



eBay launches international standard delivery. eBay International Standard Shipping is now available to all sellers. This new program supports deliveries to over 210 countries, offers better tracking and includes late delivery protection. Sellers who ship directly to international buyers (not using eBay's Global Shipping Program) can choose eBay International Standard Delivery Options, a non-paid delivery service (DDU). Buyers do not pay fees and taxes at checkout on eBay but may have to pay the carrier for fees and taxes on delivery.

USPS launches a premium tracking option. USPS has released USPS Premium Tracking, which allows users to extend access to the tracking history of a package on Currently, access to tracking information for non-signature items is limited to 120 days. USPS Premium Tracking offers options to extend access to tracking history anywhere from six months to up to ten years. Users can also request a Premium Tracking Statement via email at any time during that period.

Moteefe, a on-demand goods platform, raises $ 5 million. Moteefe, an on-demand e-commerce platform for production of goods, has raised $ 5 million in Series A funding. The tour was led by Gresham House and Force Over Mass Capital. The funds will help the platform expand into new territories, including Australia and Latin America, as well as launch new products for major retailers.



ThinkNow restarts the segmentation tool. ThinkNow, a cultural insight agency, has announced the restart of its own audience planning and segmentation tool, ThinkNow Connekt. The tool has an enhanced user experience for brand marketers and agencies seeking multicultural research, enabling customers to adapt to changing US demographics and develop audience planning and media strategies.

WooCommerce offers new services for CBD traders. WooCommerce, the WordPress-driven e-commerce platform from Automattic, offers cannabidiol retailers the choice to connect their stores to expanded services. By choosing Square as their payment solution, merchants can access Jetpack, the security and page speed plugin. Merchants can also access WooCommerce shipping (to print shipping labels from their dashboard) and WooCommerce tax (to automatically calculate checkout VAT on city, state, or country).

WooCommerce for CBD Merchants

WooCommerce for CBD Merchants

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