How to cope and create more space in your life

Be honest

How often do you put your needs aside to please others? Or,

Continue to hold on to something, be it a belief, story or a physical object that has long past its expiration date.

When our external environment ends up ringing the images in our lives, it is our call to action to stop, observe and reconnect ourselves.

Yet, many times we choose to push through. We ignore the discomfort we feel in our body and what we feel in our mind. We make excuses and convince ourselves that this is temporary.

This too will pass.

Or you can believe that we should continue to go on in life because it is proof of our character and strength.

But sometimes strength is also conscious of knowing when to let go, and of knowing when we need to regain control to honor our own inner desires and protect our well-being.

Because when we do not do this, our lives become cluttered with things, thoughts, feelings, activities and people that drain us.

Instead of letting things build up, you can handle the mess in your life before it goes out of hand and affect your well-being.

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