Reward programs drive success with email marketing

A high priority for e-commerce companies is to attract high-converting traffic. Email marketing is an important bridge to attract prospects to browse and shop. However, increased email competition and mobile distractions make it more and more difficult to stand out.

A reward program can help. In this post, I will address the benefits of rewards programs and examples of successful implementations.

Getting Started

A rewards program can increase revenue, increase loyalty and generate new buyers. Successful programs are:

  • Easy to understand. The best programs are simple and straightforward. They don't need a calculator to understand. Many offer a fixed percentage or amount, for example, 5 percent back for every $ 1 spent, or 10 points for every $ 100.
  • Automated. Reward programs should require little management effort from merchants. Triggered emails are important for notifications to participants. Reward balances should calculate automatically. Physical stores should send automatic emails after each purchase.
  • Simple. The easier it is to register, the higher the participation.
  • High value. The program should provide concrete, realistic benefits for users. Avoid extended time frames and high thresholds.


Email is one of the most cost-effective methods of driving traffic. The result is an avalanche of marketing messages, creating congestion for the inbox for consumers, who probably won't consider every offer.

Instead, consumers browse and delete – scanning their inboxes for relevant, useful information. A basic rewards program is:

  • Relevant. Since rewards are tied to previous purchases, each email is extremely relevant.
  • Interesting. Consumers want to be rewarded. The contents of a reward email may include points obtained, points needed for the next reward or qualified products for redemption.
  • Urgent. Reward emails can remind participants of the points sum after purchase or near possible redemption.
  • Useful. Encourage recipients to save the email by including all information to log in, monitor or redeem.


Ulta Beauty & # 39; s The email below contains an easy-to-understand scoring system, instructions on how and when to redeem points, and a $ 5 coupon that attracts users to save in their inbox. Premium brands like Ulta use rewards programs to encourage loyalty and fight lower cost competitors, including major retailers and pharmacy chains.

Ultra Reward Program encourages loyalty and fights competitors with slower costs.

Ulta's rewards program encourages loyalty and fights competitors at lower costs.

LOFT, a female clothing retailer, offers 100 reward points when participants complete their profile. This helps Loft understand its customers, enabling more relevant email marketing campaigns.

Loft offers 100 reward points when participants complete their profile.

Loft offers 100 reward points when participants complete their profile.

Kohl sends customers follow-up messages immediately after purchase in the store. The message updates the "Yes2You" reward point balances and reinforces the benefits of shopping at Kohl. Creating a reason for customers to stay on your brand can ensure long-term growth. (Incidentally, Amazon Prime is arguably the most successful loyalty program ever, with 82 percent of US households.)

Kohl sends an email to customers immediately after their in-store purchase, with updates on their “Yes2You

Kohl's sends an email to customers immediately after their in-store purchase, with updates on "Yes2You" Reward Points Balances.

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