Easy ways to offer customized products

Personalized and customized products can help smaller e-commerce companies stay in the future.

The customization can be as simple as packing a group of items as custom "kits" or providing high quality engraved plates or vinyl labels.

Nike offers customized shoes on its website. Buyers can, in selected styles, choose the color of almost every element and even name the shoe.

Nike customization of shoes

Nike also lets customers choose swoosh color on selected shoes!

To be sure, smaller places are not Nike. But there are many opportunities to provide a similar experience.

Customize common items. Investing in a quality stamp printer (as well as training for the application process) can turn a basic phone case into a work of art. CaseApp, for example, provides advanced solutions, but most all traders could provide similar results with minimal investment.

Customize phone cases

By letting customers upload their designs, the most basic products are transformed into works of art, as shown in this example from CaseApp.

Aren't you ready for shoppers to upload their designs? Start by making a selection of compelling clip art and fonts for custom creations. Many online sellers do this with good results.

Customize simple items

This water bottle on Amazon contains the ability to add a name.

Offer engraving or engraved plate. This classic personalization tactic has proven to be successful for many retailers selling gift items. If you are not ready to invest in the equipment, you may want to consider partnering with a local trophy shop.

Offer kit. Bundling of accessories as part of the product solves two pain points for customers: not realizing that an accessory (like a cable) is necessary and not knowing which accessory to buy. This is similar to how Apple sells computers. In addition to the internal configuration, shoppers select the mouse and additional software.

Build a kit from a single product

Apple is introducing extensions to its computer offerings as part of the customization process.

Customize accessories. Customize a handbag, for example, by including the buyer's initials on a handbag that you attach before shipping. Similarly, with a buyer's initial, key rings can be linked to backpacks, sporting goods and zippers.

Offer simple monograms. Applying pre-assembled monograms can also be a winning solution. Some of the latest include self-adhesive metal letters that withstand extreme weather and sunlight.

Common additions

When considering affordable custom options, you should start with items that often buy together. For example, purchasing a smartphone can spark many accessories, including a bag, car charger, battery pack, ring holder and wireless headphones. Presenting all options together is an easy way for customers to "build" the unit they want – while increasing order value.

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