Google Analytics bug fixes

One hundred percent of all Google Analytics implementations have broken at some point. The impact can vary from minimal to extreme. An example of ecommerce is when Google Analytics sales don't match actual shopping cart results. Google Analytics does not correct errors or process reports. There is no way to delete, add or overwrite historical data.

The solution for users is to export data to a spreadsheet or database and correct errors. In this post, I will explain a process for compiling Google Analytics data and then reporting it in Google Sheets or Data Studio.

Rewrite Google Analytics data

Here is the process.

1st Identify which data needs to be reworked. Examples include:

  • Sales data does not match your e-commerce platform. The discrepancies may come from (i) orders not taken up by Google Analytics, (ii) offline orders, (iii) order cancellations, or (iv) partial or full refunds.
  • Sessions that were underreported or inflated due to missing page tracking code or domain tracking errors that duplicate sessions for some users.
  • Session error due to Channel tracking issues or even source, medium or campaign.
  • Pageview errors due to (i) missing tracking code resulting in under-reporting or (ii) duplicate tags inflating pageviews
  • Errors arising from event tracking issues, site time, average pageviews, and other metrics.

I have reviewed Google Analytics review to discover errors under "How do you review Google Analytics data for e-commerce."

2nd Export your data from Google Analytics. I use a Google Analytics additions for spreadsheets.

3rd Arrange the statistics a day that needs reworking.

4th Create reports which displays the original values ​​per day next to the calculated values.


I put together a test report in Google Sheets called "Example Google Analytics reprocessing data".

The "Report Configuration" sheet receives Google Analytics exports.

The "Report Configuration" sheet receives Google Analytics exports.

The "Power My Analytics Traffic" sheet is where Google Analytics data is reported.


The "Power My Analytics Traffic" sheet reports Google Analytics data.

The "Corrected Data" sheet contains the exact sessions (in column C).

Column C in the sheet

Column C in the "Corrected data" sheet contains the exact sessions.

Reported sessions versus actual ones

My Google Sheets graph contains "Reported Sessions" and "Corrected Sessions." This data can be included in a Google Sheets report or Data Studio report along with other Google Analytics data. To report in Data Studio, use the "Google Sheets" contact from Google.

To report in Data Studio, use

To report in Data Studio, use the "Google Sheets" connector.

To be sure, processing Google Analytics data is tedious and time-consuming. Avoid this by frequently monitoring Google Analytics to catch tracking errors, eliminating the need to work up.

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