17 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media can help brands distribute marketing content and engage customers. Free analysis tools can ensure that a brand's message connects to the right audience.

Here is a list of useful analytics tools to optimize your social media accounts. There are tools to track engagement on social media, monitor competitors' content, discover trending topics, get useful suggestions on improving your social media pages, and more. All of these tools are free, although several offer premium plans as well.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Hootsuite is based on over 200 metrics that measure the impact of your social media content across channels and campaigns. Integrate with Brandwatch, KAWO, Unmetric and more. Price: Free plan offers three social profiles, 30 scheduled messages and one user. Paid plans start at $ 29 per month with a free 30-day trial.



social Bakers is a social media marketing platform with a selection of free analytics tools. The collection includes a template for person mapping to organize data on channels, performance quadrant reports for Facebook and Instagram, a benchmarking tool, an analytics tool for Instagram and more. Price: Free.

Talk Walker is a free, real-time social media search engine. With unlimited search across all major social networks and 187 languages, you get an instant overview of your campaigns and hashtags, as well as competitors. Get real-time data and live audience insights, such as demographic information about age groups, genders, occupations and more. Price: Free.

Cyfe offers all-in-one business tools to track and analyze your information. Monitor social media analytics, website traffic, sales, and more. Draw data from popular services with over 100 integrations and 250 metrics. Combine measurement values ​​from different apps to create new insights. Price: Free plan with two dashboards and a 30-day history. Paid plans start at $ 29 per month with a 14-day free trial.



Followerwonk is a tool for tracking and optimizing your Twitter data. Analyze followers by location, cinema, who they follow and more. Compare followers and followers, see losses and profits and maximize the time to tweet. Know when followers are active and which tweets engage. Price: Free for one account and limited personal information. Paid plans start at $ 29 per month.

Spark Toro, founded by Moz alum Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, scans tens of millions of social and web profiles to find what and who your audience is reading, listening to, watching, following, sharing and talking about online. Close which accounts reach your target audience and discover where and how. Find the sources that reach the link-likely groups you need to increase visibility, rankings and traffic. Price: Free plan allows five searches per month. Paid plans start at $ 112 per month.

mention Folder is an analytics tool for your Twitter network. Visualize and explore interactions, build critical relationships and find out who carries conversations. Find new hashtags and followers that you would otherwise have missed. Price: Free plan allows 300 searches per month. Paid plan is $ 27 per month for unlimited searches.

Mention Folder

mention Folder

Audi Ensenada is a Twitter marketing platform to raise brand awareness, craft campaigns and measure impact. Identify and understand any audience. Create customized audiences to identify specific individuals and segments. Price: Free plan offers basic community reports. Paid plans start at $ 79 per month.

Union Metrics is an analytics platform that helps companies and brands achieve more through social media marketing. Get free social intelligence with algorithms from the paid platform. Find out when to tweet or post on Instagram, what type of content gets the most engagement, and information about your best hashtags and most influential followers. Price: Free.

Zoho Social lets you schedule content in multiple ways, monitor what's important and create intelligent reports. Create columns to track reviews, keywords, or mentions. Discover where your followers are, what type of content they like, what your connections are saying about you and other metrics to analyze performance. Price: Free plan for an individual. Paid plans start at $ 10 for two team members.

Google Trends provides information and insights on search trends. Get information on the latest stories or areas of interest. Visit the data visualization project, where the Google News Initiative is working with designers to tell stories with data and make open source results available for reuse. Price: Free.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Social networking toolkits

Facebook Insights provides information about your site's performance, such as demographic data about your audience and how people respond to your posts. Sort posts by types and see the demographics of your fans. Identify your reach in organic, paid and viral searches. Price: Free.

Instagram Insights lets you learn more about your followers and how your content performs with your audience. See insights for specific posts and stories you created to see how each one performed and how people engaged with them. From your profile, you can access Insights in the Instagram app. Price: Free.

Twitter Analytics provides quick and informative statistics about your Twitter activity. Get impressions, visits, mentions and followers every month. See your top mentions and top followers. And get suggestions on how to grow your audience. Price: Free.

Pinterest Analytics is free with a company account and lets you view your most popular pins and ads to build your media strategy. Find out how Pinterest users interact with your content. Learn what topics your audience members are interested in based on their behavior on Pinterest. Price: Free.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics lets you evaluate the effectiveness of your updates, including posted videos. Get statistics for your visitors, including demographics and traffic sources. Access analytics for LinkedIn career pages and pipeline builder campaigns. Price: Free.

YouTube Analytics monitors the performance of your channels, videos and content with updated statistics and reports. Discover trends to see what works and what doesn't. Find out who's watching and what videos can make money. Generate reports on views, traffic sources, demographics and more. See aggregate data for the articles in a group to analyze broad performance in an organized manner. Price: Free.

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