Ecommerce Product Releases: May 4, 2020

Here is a list of product releases and updates for early May from companies that offer services to online retailers. There are updates on keyword tools, bid optimization, product rendering, video tools, payment platforms, Google Shopping, Etsy listings, and more.

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Product releases for e-commerce

Etailz launches self-service optimization software for Amazon advertising. Etailz, an Amazon retailer that provides marketing and logistical support, has announced the launch of AdManager, its self-service Amazon cost-per-click software. AdManager uses artificial intelligence to automate the management of Amazon-sponsored product ads in four processes: daily bids, add-on search terms, negative keyword revision, and budget optimization.



Google Shopping launches free listings. Google is changing its product search, allowing unpaid listings on the Google Shopping tab, and helping merchants (whether or not they advertise on Google) better connect with consumers. Google is also launching a new partnership with PayPal to allow merchants to link their accounts.

Shopify unveils Shop, a mobile shopping app. Shopify has announced the launch of Shop, a mobile shopping app to create a more intuitive online experience from product discovery to package delivery. Shop offers users the opportunity to discover local businesses, get relevant product recommendations, check out quickly and track all orders. Shopify has collected features from Shop Pay, a one-click, quick-click checkout, and Arrive, an app for tracking online orders, to make purchases and order tracking free of charge for customers.

Stripe updates the payment platform. Stripe has announced three updates to its core payment platform: (i) worldwide direct connection to six major card networks, (ii) a revenue optimization engine, (iii) and Stripe Issuing. By exchanging information directly with card networks, Stripe can reduce latency and remove any failures. Using machine learning technology used in Radar (its fraud prevention tool) to develop bank-specific profiles, Stripe can maximize approvals without increasing fraud. Stripe Issuing, a self-service product for issuing new contactless cards, reduces the time to create a card from about two months to two minutes (for virtual cards) or two days (for physical cards).



FedEx provides new e-commerce support for SMEs. FedEx has announced a new alliance with BigCommerce to help SMEs get online quickly and affordably. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many brick and mortar companies have been forced to close their physical stores and are looking for ways to move their retail online. To help with this work, FedEx and BigCommerce are partnering on a four-month free service with BigCommerce and discounted FedEx shipping rates. All BigCommerce customers also have access to FedEx shipping discounts through the FedEx Advantage program.

SureDone adds Amazon's Buy Shipping to its platform. SureDone, a multi-channel e-commerce list and order management platform, has added support for Amazon's shipping freight labels. Amazon's Buy Shipping service allows sellers to purchase shipping labels individually or in bulk at discounted prices from UPS and FedEx, and at USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. Buy Shipping is a necessary component of Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Magnolia collaborates with BigCommerce to create an omnichannel e-commerce solution. Magnolia, a content management system, has announced a partnership with BigCommerce to provide an omnichannel e-commerce service. BigCommerce will give Magnolia customers the opportunity to quickly create an e-commerce site with features such as merchandising, checkout, digital wallets and more.

ManyChat acquires e-commerce analytics company Converlytics. ManyChat, a chat marketing platform, has acquired Converlytics, which helps companies track, analyze and quantify attribute analytics. ManyChat Pro users now have access to more robust analytics at no extra cost, which allows them to link marketing dollars to specific campaigns.

many chat

many chat

Amazon launches live video calls to veterinary potential third party vendors. To reduce fraud, Amazon has detailed a "live verification" program for improved review of prospective third-party sellers. In progress since earlier this year, the program originally involved personal verification but has switched to video calls in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak. At each call, an Amazon representative checks the prospective seller's ID to make sure it matches the person on the call and application documents.

Facebook introduces Messenger Room. Facebook has created Messenger Rooms for free group video meetings. Users can start a room directly from Messenger or Facebook and invite others to join the video call, even if they do not have a Facebook account. The rooms can accommodate up to 50 people without time limit. Start and share rooms on Facebook via News Feed, groups and events. Facebook also adds rooms to Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal.

UPS and Michaels launch contactless packages and returns at the port edge. UPS has announced pavement service through UPS Access Point locations in approximately 800 Michaels stores across the country. The service provides consumers with a secure, convenient alternative to sending UPS packages as well as dropping off labeled shipments and returning them to all e-commerce vendors that accept UPS returns. Customers call Michael's store on arrival, enter their name and description of their car and items and have their ID ready.

Printful launches Keyword Scout, a research tool for Etsy. Printful has launched Keyword Scout, a tool to help Printful customers optimize their Etsy listings and increase their visibility in the Etsy market. Keyword Scout offers Etsy search tips and key suggestions. Using the tool, Printful customers can analyze their listings and learn how to improve them.



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