Understand "sessions" in Google Analytics

The word "session" in an English dictionary reads something like "a period of time devoted to a particular activity." For example, it may be a person working on a specific task or goal. Google Analytics uses the term "session" in a similar way. According to Google, a session in a Google Analytics report "is a … Read more Understand "sessions" in Google Analytics

Using filters in Google Analytics

Careful information is important for decision-making. Google Analytics can provide that information, but it may need some decontamination. Google Analytics filters can remove data pollution, for example: Development or other internal (employee) traffic, Inconsistent activation of URLs, titles, events, campaigns and the like, Multiple websites or host names appear in a single Analytics property. In … Read more Using filters in Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to respond to Covid-19

The coronavirus-induced change in shopping behavior has been a boon for some online shoppers and a bust for others. The impact depends on products, geography and marketing channels. Google Analytics can identify pandemic-related problems and opportunities for your business. I explain this post. Current status Most traders are aware of daily revenue. Sales of groceries … Read more Use Google Analytics to respond to Covid-19

17 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media can help brands distribute marketing content and engage customers. Free analysis tools can ensure that a brand's message connects to the right audience. Here is a list of useful analytics tools to optimize your social media accounts. There are tools to track engagement on social media, monitor competitors' content, discover trending topics, get … Read more 17 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Google Analytics bug fixes

One hundred percent of all Google Analytics implementations have broken at some point. The impact can vary from minimal to extreme. An example of ecommerce is when Google Analytics sales don't match actual shopping cart results. Google Analytics does not correct errors or process reports. There is no way to delete, add or overwrite historical … Read more Google Analytics bug fixes

Delete personal data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics prohibiting collection of personally identifiable information. If detected, Google may delete PII from your reports. Therefore, Google Analytics users should be proactive in detecting and removing PII if needed. I explain how to do it in this post. The best way to remove PII is not to send it to Analytics to begin … Read more Delete personal data from Google Analytics

Use Amazon's brand analytics to lower advertising costs, drive sales

Amazon's brand analysis provides valuable statistics for sellers in the brand register. The metrics include recent ad changes, such as targeting competitors in ads and search terms. Used strategically, Brand Analytics can drive sales. brand Analysis Brand Analytics provides insight into sales, search terms, and buying behavior. It is only available to trademark owners, not … Read more Use Amazon's brand analytics to lower advertising costs, drive sales