Store closures, slow shipping could lower retail prices

The Coronavirus pandemic can lead to much lower retail prices for certain categories, as store closures and product returns caused by slow shipping lead to storage space. The problem can be divided into two broad categories: excessive discounted inventory and slow delivery-induced returns. Discounted stock Some retail sectors may face a significant increase in discounted … Read more Store closures, slow shipping could lower retail prices

Bankruptcies, layoffs lose retail

In early 2020, several brick-and-mortar retailers struggled to try to restructure their debt or find new lenders while managing declining revenues. The Covid-19 pandemic has closed stores and effectively made these efforts meaningless. Bankruptcy has followed. It is a more deadly version of the much-discussed retail apocalypse. Even dealers who were considered healthy risked running … Read more Bankruptcies, layoffs lose retail

Pandemic Alters Retail Return Policy

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced retailers big and small to make significant, temporary changes in their return. Since March, dealers have generally handled returns in two ways. First, retailers have extended return times, which allows shoppers to return goods, 60, 90 or even 180 days after purchase. Second, dealers have temporarily suspended returns until the … Read more Pandemic Alters Retail Return Policy